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The MarkMakers project is organised by The Pollokshields Trust.

The Pollokshields Trust was established in 2016 as a community anchor organisation following the MakeYourMark charrette. It is an enabling body which encourages the development of community empowerment within the burgh of Pollokshields and provides support services to existing and new community organisations. The Trust is a company limited by guarantee, owned and managed by it's members. 

The Trust has been formed to benefit the community of Pollokshields (as defined by Glasgow City Council) with the following objectives:

To advance community development of the area of benefit by maintaining, improving and regenerating 

it's physical, economic, social and cultural infrastructure, and assisting people who are at a disadvantage because of their social or economic circumstances.

To advance protection or improvement of the Community through the preservation and conservation of the natural environment, the maintenance, improvement or provision of environmental amenities for the Community, the provision of other environmental and regeneration project and/or the preservation and conservation of buildings or sites of architectural, historic or other importance to the community. 

Membership is offered in three classes:

  • Ordinary: Able to vote on matters about Trust policy and have the right to be consulted regularly. They must be over 16 years of age and live in the Pollokshields area. They must support the objectives of the Trust. Trustees are appointed by the Members. Elected members of Glasgow City Council, The Scottish Parliament and Westminster Parliament are not eligible. 

  • Associate: Cannot vote and need not live in Pollokshields but must support the trusts objectives. Can be individuals or organisations. Not eligible for election as Trustees.

  • Junior: Cannot vote but have the same residence qualifications as Ordinary Members. Must be ages 12-15 year and support the objectives of the Trust. They are not eligible as Trustees. Junior Trustees automatically become Ordinary Members upon reaching 16 years of age if they are resident in Pollokshields at the time.

The Trust will keep members updated with information about Trust activities, including our AGM and other members' events, via newsletter and email wherever possible.

Please complete the following form if you wish to become a member of The Pollokshields Trust. No Membership fee is payable unless the Trustees and Members decide otherwise.

The Pollokshields Trust is a company limited by a guarantee and your liability as a Member is limited to £1.

Data Protection: We will only use your membership details for administration and membership purposes. We will NOT share your information with third parties. We recently updated our data protection policy which is fully GDPR compliant. A copy of this policy is available on application.

Thanks for submitting!

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